It was a mistake to divorce my wife, a London escort



A long time ago, I made a mistake that I regretted so much up to now. I was lucky enough to find a woman of my dreams but still, lose her. She is different from anyone else, she is an ideal woman, but always I choose to cheat on her. A mistake that even in my dreams keep hunting me. I am reminded of her frustrations and pain when she knew about it. She is a woman that gives inspiration to me and bring out the best in me. I thought she wouldn’t understand it, but she is like a detective that investigates everything. She knew it at the very first, but she kept her mouth shut for the sake of our family. She acted normal towards me and did not suspects her. Because we all know when a woman knew you are cheating on her, she probably goes wild and left immediately. But she kept the pain inside her, little did I know she is crying every night, waiting for me to come home. All that time I thought of she is sleeping while waiting, but she hears all the calls I received from my mistresses. In the morning, she still managed to cook for my breakfast; she readies my uniforms and all my needs.  I never doubt her before, since she seems so happy when I am with her, she kisses me, and we make out love. She gave everything even she is hurting inside, and I was so dumb that I even not notice it. She plays it well, because she gave me many chances to change myself, and renew. But I never did it, I enjoy what I am doing, and she suffers every time. She knows that all I said was an alibies when I cant home early to celebrate our anniversary or have a family dinner. She has always understood me and say yes in everything I said. I still can remember the things we have shared together and how we met. The first time I saw her, I can’t explain my feelings, and emotions towards her. I became speechless, and at the same time fall in love with her. Her voice is smooth, and I can’t stop myself staring with her. Since that day, I always thought of pursuing her. I did everything I could to prove my love to her. She is the love of my life and losing her could be a mistake. We have a smooth relationship together, and so I marry her after ten years. But I cheated on her, and when she loses her patience. She became an Escorts in London and heard that she is happy and contented with her life now.


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